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Collection: The Best Of The Beach Boysdot
artworkDespite the cover's claim that this is a Beach Boys album, it's really a compilation of tracks from the Beach Boys' Candix sessions, the Frogmen, and the Mar-Kets under the name the Surfin' Six. The Beach Boys tracks include their first hit on the X label, "Surfin'" c/w "Luau."
Picks: Little Deuce Coop, 409, Karate

Track by Track Review

Little Deuce Coop
Surf (Instrumental)

Jeez, this is really lifeless. MOR to the max, and no personality in sight.

Rock (Instrumental)

Under the name the Surfin' Six, the Mar-Kets cut this truly lame version of "409." Slow, lifeless, and without redeeming qualities of any sort.

Karate dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A very simple progression played repeatedly, interrupted occasionally with cries of "Karate." Rhythmic back-grounder, just barely surfy. Historically valid, but unimportant. Will fit into a surf set as a break from the intensity and melodic power of the real thing.