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Collection: The Best Of Twist-A-Ramadotdot
artworkThis release is mastered from a "mint copy of the Twist-A-Rama lp." Much of the album is crudely recorded, and the master contains a nasty hum. The majority of this material is amateur, garage in the sense of untrained youth in a garage with their first attempts at music. There are a couple of OK instros, one reasonably angst-ridden number from the Turfmen, and a decent surf instro from the Galaxies. Not for the good music aficionado, but an interesting glimpse into garageland on Teen Court, USA. The original liner notes are included, as are fine notes from Miriam Linna.
Picks: Yabadabado, The Brick, The Second Time Around, Too Much, Jaguar Jazz, Journey To The Stars

Track by Track Review

Yabadabado dotdotdot
Garage (Instrumental)

This is a raw instrumental with borrowed licks and inserted calls from the Flintstones. It's quite serviceable, landing somewhere between garage R&B and frat. The frantic guitar break is very R&B club sounding, and the sax is straight outta east LA.

The Brick
Garage (Instrumental)

Ultra crude guitar whammy played urgently without melody, fronting a band that only occasionally played together.

The Second Time Around dot
Garage (Instrumental)

Garage is correcto mundo! Tentative, stiff, crude, and with a hum throughout. At least it sorta has a melody riff, but it's certainly no more than a document.

Too Much dotdotdot
Garage (Instrumental)

This organ instro sports an Animals' kinda sound, though slower and more sultry. Cruddy sound doesn't dampen this track too much. It's kinda cool, refreshingly different. The reverb guitar comes in eventually, and bridges the British sound with the feel of the water.

Jaguar Jazz dotdot
Garage (Instrumental)

Jaguars are just one of a hundred bands with this name. This is a riff jam, not jazzy, but definitely frat oriented. While tame, it's sorta cool.

Journey To The Stars dotdotdot
Garage Surf (Instrumental)

This is a pretty decent performance of the Ventures' classic. The recording is moderately OK, and the playing of reasonable caliber. It's a little tame, but does have a kind of innocent feel. Well worth a spin.