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Collection: The Best Of United Artists 1958-1972dotdotdot
artworkMost comps like this feature a bunch of who-cares Billboard hits. So does this, but also included are a couple influential tracks that deserve a nod. It's a budget issue.
Picks: The Green Mosquito, The Magnificent Seven, Bonanza

Track by Track Review

The Green Mosquito dotdotdot
Fifties (Instrumental)

This 1958 instro was an oddity for two reasons. First, it was a guitar instro instead of sax, as was most common in the fifties. Second, it featured the even rarer use of guitar tinkering for effects, namely the simulation of a mosquito's annoying buzz. Mostly a progression, was melody free, but gutty and primitive.

The Magnificent Seven dotdotdot
Spaghetti TV Theme (Instrumental)

Now, this is a big orchestral theme, a soundtrack tune, and it was used as the theme for the Marlboro man of the early sixties. It is also a damn fine piece of writing, and a departure from the usual "old fart" playing of Al Caiola. With shimmering vibrato, it was a mere stones throw away from a spaghetti western. Los Straitjackets cover is magnificent.

Bonanza dotdotdot
Spaghetti TV Theme (Instrumental)

Again, Al Caiola delivers vibrato driven spaghetti western sounds for the TV series. The writing is really good, and the influence this had was immense in terms of the public's guitar sound recognition. The Woodies version will knock your socks off.