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Collection: Bad Surfer Podsters - A Monster Surf Bikini Babes Sunny Beaches
artworkThis is a completely dismissible compilation. Worse, it's marketed as an album by Bad Surfer Podsters, as if you'd believe THAT was actually a band name. It's been out before under other titles. A few of these tracks are vintage, some are not the hits, and others are seventies or eighties remakes. If you never heard this CD, you'd not be any the poorer.

The vocals on this CD include early versions of the Beach Boys' "Surfin'" (X/Candix version), Surfin' Safari, and Barbie, and Jan and Dean's Baggy Pants, plus Ronnie Height's "Come Softly to Me ," and Deane Hawley's "Look For A Star ."
Picks: Billy Joe and the Checkmates - Percolator, The Frogmen - Underwater, The Marketts - Surfer's Stomp, Lullaby Of The Leaves , Balboa Blue , The Routers - Pipeline, Apache, Walk, Don't Run

Track by Track Review

Billy Joe and the Checkmates - Percolator dotdotdot
Pop Rock (Instrumental)

This gimmicky post surf period instro was based on a Maxwell House Coffee TV ad running at the time. The lead simulates the gradual escalation of the coffee bubbling up into the glass dome in the top of the coffee pot. It was an instant success, and is still pretty darn fun. It's not surf, but it sure endures well.

The Frogmen - Underwater dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

The Frogmen romp with "Underwater." It's very much a surf precursor, and important for that reason. Numerous of their tracks have appeared on various budget comps over the past few years.

The Marketts - Surfer's Stomp dot
Big Band (Instrumental)

Frankly, Susan and the SurfTones do the best version of this song. This is simple slow paced innocent instrumental rock and roll, with great piano and saucy sax. Infectious and unpretentious. Don't look for the classic surf sound here, but do enjoy the simplicity and fun. Smooth and right nice.

The Marketts - Lullaby Of The Leaves
Surf (Instrumental)

Disco smothers remakes... updated from vintage coolness to utter shallowness. Next!

The Marketts - Balboa Blue dot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is the other side of the single, or one of several early versions probably. Hard to tell. Either way, it's not essential or even surf.

The Routers - Pipeline dotdotdotdot
Disco Surf (Instrumental)

Disco meets surf in a surprisingly satisfying take on the classic Chantays track. There's something deliciously twisted about the images of wind swept wave riders and Denny Terrio finger pointing beach dwellers that makes you grin at this. It's not the original studio band, but an eighties recreation.

The Routers - Apache dotdotdot
Disco Surf (Instrumental)

You have to wonder if Jorgen Ingmann would roll over and die at hearing this, or would he just ask "is that the Ventures?" The dominant disco drums machine is actually pretty cool, and the arrangement works as well. I hate it when I like crap like this... Listed on some releases as the Ventures, and others as Routers, this is likely the Ventures under as hired guns.

The Routers - Walk, Don't Run dotdotdot
Disco Surf (Instrumental)

Nearly trad, Ventures in the eighties aimed at the dance floors across America. Well played and all, but what were they thinking?