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Collection: Asesinos de la Lucha Libre (Classicos del Rock and Roll Mexicano)dotdotdot
artworkAnother in the series of bootleg collections of Mexican garage bands from sixties, Classicos Del Rock and Roll Mexicano includes a pair of instros worth noting, one surf, one soul.
Picks: Yerba Verde, Laredo

Track by Track Review

Yerba Verde dotdotdotdot
Mexican Garage (Instrumental)

Cool drums bump and thump under the vibrato shimmer of the surf guitar. It's a cover of a light weight pop song from the late fifties or early sixties that I can't place (maybe Anita Bryant?). Highly infectious and melodic, "Yerba Verde" sways with liquid reverb charm and great drums. Completely fun.

Laredo dotdotdot
Mexican Garage Soul (Instrumental)

This is trashy organ cover of Les Cooper and the Soul Rockers' "Wiggle Wobble." It's way fun and very garagy. Somehow, the innocence of the band's underdeveloped performance makes it just as cool as the original. Maybe it's just the odd organ tone that gives it a calliope feel.