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Collection: Amiga HITstory 1957-1967 - Die Grossten Hits Aus Dem Ostendotdotdot
artworkAmiga was a long-established mainstream label in GDR, releasing only easy listening and jazz until the early-to-mid sixties. This retrospective comp illustrates that well. Four of these tracks are among their most famous sojourns into the world of rock'n'roll. From a western perspective, they are most often noted for Die Sputniks. On both sides of the iron curtain, rock'n'roll was years behind the west, and more to the point, pretty structured and fabricated sounding, whether it was or not. German bands didn't evolve into really interesting entities until the late sixties and early seventies with the rise of what the UK press dubbed Krautrock.
Picks: Die Butlers - Troika, Franke-Echo-Quintett - Peter Gunn, Theo Schumann Combo - Nevada, Die Sputniks - Gitarren-Twist

Track by Track Review

Die Butlers - Troika dotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Euro echoed guitar twang with a really lightweight backtrack. "Troika" doesn't put you off, but it just doesn't leave an impression or hold attention.

Franke-Echo-Quintett - Peter Gunn dotdotdotdot
Euro-Rock Instro (Instrumental)

Done as if Duane Eddy was the inspiration, Henry Mancini's "Peter Gunn" is tuff and intense, with very twangy whammy dipped guitar and loud raucous sax. Great drums and thundering bass complete one hell of a version of this venerable song!

Theo Schumann Combo - Nevada dotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"Nevada" is a spunky fifties sax rocker or sorts, with a snarl and Jimmy Reed progression. very derivative, and not much going on.

Die Sputniks - Gitarren-Twist dotdotdot
Euro-Rock Instro (Instrumental)

There's nothing "twist" in the beat or rhythm, but it is a spunky number with a fifties-like riff structure. Great drums in the break simply rage.