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Collection: Altin Microfon 1965dotdotdot
artworkThis 1966 album features a couple of very cool and obscure instros from Turkish band Siluetler. The instros are the highlights for sure.
Picks: Siluetler - Kasik Havasi, Sis

Track by Track Review

Siluetler - Kasik Havasi dotdotdot
Folk (Instrumental)

"Kasik Havasi" has a beat that's half way between cowboy gallop and traditional Turkish. Much like early country and rock instros, with hand claps and a gutty guitar. Very cool!

Siluetler - Sis dotdotdot
Folk (Instrumental)

This is a slow piece with a lovely melody and sad-romantic melody. Influences here include the ventures and the Shadows, but it's like neither. Warm and engaging, with great whammy chords. Quite a nice track!