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Collection: After Hours: A Tribute To The Music Of Lou Reeddotdotdot
artworkThis CD of mostly acoustic and near-folk covers of Lou Reed songs is very enjoyable, if a little morose. track 13 is a splendid instrumental inversion of "All Tomorrow's Parties."
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All Tomorrow's (Beach) Parties dotdotdotdot
Velvet Underground Surf (Instrumental)

England's Special Agents use a cross between aggressive thick rock and surf to transform Lou Reed's "All Tomorrow's Parties" into a surfable epic tale, with glissandoes crossing right-to-left from time to time, just to ensure the connection is clear. It's only natural with Lou Reed coming from a "beach" band before the Velvet Underground were a lump of wax in Andy Warhol's ear. Edgy and mono, with the exception of the glissandos. Stinging leads and intense rockin' drive.