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Collection: Adventures In Paradise [Soundtrack]dotdotdot
artworkDuring exotica's heyday, ABC television and 20th Century Fox produced a short-lived series of adventures set in Tahiti called Adventures In Paradise. The often beautiful scenery of the South Pacific graced this series, as did some splendid examples of tropical tourist music. The title theme was covered often, and found its way into surf bands sets as well. This soundtrack also includes period vocal material from Alfred Apaka and Terorotua and his Tahitians.
Picks: Adventures In Paradise, The Moon Of Manakoora, Isle Of Samoa, Tahitian Nights, Paradise, Pagan Love Song, My Isle Of Golden Dreams

Track by Track Review

Adventures In Paradise dotdotdotdot
Island Exotica (Instrumental)

This amazingly attractive theme ended up in many a surf band set. Right from the sweet lap steel melody line, you know this is a special song. Exotic vibes deliver a Polynesian tourist mood. If you were swept away by the Challengers, Santo and Johnny, the Atlantics, or the Mermen (or their alter-ego the Shi-tones) versions, you'll certainly appreciate the original.

The Moon Of Manakoora dotdotdot
Island Exotica (Instrumental)

This track is a paradox, with it's ultra gorgeous lap steel and island imagery off set by the cheesy mal organ. Slow and sinewy, "The Moon Of Manakoora" is a liquid projection of all that is tropical on the tourist trail.

Isle Of Samoa dotdotdot
Island Exotica (Instrumental)

Soft and silky island lap steel over a tried and true slow dance rhythm. The steel chords are liquid gold. "Isle Of Samoa" will whisk you away to another place where time is not relevant.

Tahitian Nights dotdotdotdot
Island Exotica (Instrumental)

The very cool percussion and playful guitar and lap steel lines remind me of the Impacts more Polynesian tracks. This is ripe for surf plucking, with the percussion replaced with damped reverb. Very seductive and fluid.

Paradise dotdotdot
Island Exotica (Instrumental)

This silky Hawaiian lap steel number shimmers under the party lights of a tourist luau, where the coconut drinks and orchids are everywhere you look. Very pretty, except for the cheesy verse.

Pagan Love Song dotdotdot
Island Exotica (Instrumental)

Another sparkling island wonder from the Islanders, whose perfect Hawaiian tourist sound is sweetly played on the lap steel. Just close your eyes, and you can see the lovely hula dancers slowly swaying with come-to-me tattoos and coconut shell bras. Gorgeous.

My Isle Of Golden Dreams dotdotdot
Island Exotica (Instrumental)

Plaintiff island lap steel, warm summer breezes, and that cheesy organ. Very pretty, but just not as intriguing as the the Islanders tracks.