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Miles Corbin - Gringo Hangs Ten c/w Vaya con Diosdotdotdotdot
artworkThis advance CD-R of two tracks in progress from Miles next solo CD entices and invites. Sounds From The Tiki Hut was very cool, but this is spectacular.
Picks: Gringo Hangs Ten, Vaya con Dios

Track by Track Review

Gringo Hangs Ten dotdotdotdot
Exotic Surf (Instrumental)

Haunting flute, spaghetti western themes, rich guitar tones, lounge percussion... "Gringo Hangs Ten" is a beautiful track with fluid echoed guitar and smooth bass. Exotic and aquatic. Excellent.

Vaya con Dios dotdotdotdot
Exotic Surf (Instrumental)

My, what a beautiful thing this is. Spanish, gentle, haunting, and very fluid. The chords are so delicate... stunning. Images of departures from distant tropical villages and gentle forest rains. Liquid suave.