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Calvin Cool - Charter CRC-7 (Beach Bash c/w El Tecolote)dotdot
artworkThis 1963 single is culled from the sessions that produced the Calvin Cool and The Surf-Knobs album. It's possible that Leon Russell and Shorty Rogers played on the session.
Picks: El Tecolote

Track by Track Review

Beach Bash dot
Faux Surf (Instrumental)

the girls go "la-la la-la-la" while the musicians look for the lunch wagon. Aside from the early fuzz, "Beach Bash" is like a sorority picnic in jammies. I can't stand it!

El Tecolote dotdotdot
Near Surf (Instrumental)

This is a sort of not quite surf instrumental with a small amount of reverb and a basic riff played o guitar with a little distortion, which is not very up front. "El Tecolote" is a cool track, but is pretty repetitious. It's off the Calvin Cool and the Surf Knobs album. A great bass line opens "El Tecolote." The guitar plays a two-note riff that actually works OK. Fuzz and an unusual mix of styles keep this afloat.