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Calvin Cool and the Surf-Knobs - The Surfer's Beatdot
artworkAside from two moderately interesting tracks, The Surfer's Beat is a complete waste of time. It is among the dozens of studio projects that should never have been completed. Jammy organ and fuzz guitar without much to hold it together. 1963 session mung.
Picks: Pipeline, El Tecolote

Track by Track Review

Surf City dot
Faux Surf (Instrumental)

the closest to actual surf music this version of Jan and Dean's "Surf City" gets it the dry damped rhythm guitar. Otherwise, it's miles and miles from the nearest break. Organ and slight fuzz guitar.

Hang Ten dot
Faux Surf (Instrumental)

Egad! Piano and blasˇ jam session nonsense. "Hang Ten" has absolutely nothing to do with surf music. It's typical studio session tripe with no sense of direction or chemistry.

Surfin' U.S.A. dot
Faux Surf (Instrumental)

Making you long for the Beach Boys, Calvin Cool and the Surf-Knobs play a flyweight "Surfin' U.S.A." with little regard for the whole idea of rock 'n' roll.

Fog Horn dot
Faux Surf (Instrumental)

Aside from the sick fog horn, this really sucks! I imagine the musicians and/or producer tried their damnedest to create a completely useless track, 'cuz you can get this far down that pike accidentally. Non-melodic and disjointed, like a car horn symphony even Spike Jones wouldn't admit to.

Beach Bash dot
Faux Surf (Instrumental)

the girls go "la-la la-la-la" while the musicians look for the lunch wagon. Aside from the early fuzz, "Beach Bash" is like a sorority picnic in jammies. I can't stand it!

Cannon Ball Wipeout dot
Faux Surf (Instrumental)

Horns and handclaps really want to be jazzy cool against the console organ, but alas they simply add to the too-drunk-to-get-it jam style of "Cannon Ball Wipeout."

Surfer's Beat dot
Faux Surf (Instrumental)

the drums bring hope, but then the organ and guitar duo banishes that idea. Squeaky nonsense in search of Sandy Nelson.

The South Bay dot
Faux Surf (Instrumental)

Oh my, this reeks of Hollywood swank party theme. The girls chant "South Bay" just to make it cool - NOT!

Pipeline dotdotdot
Faux Surf (Instrumental)

This is a credible interpretation of "Pipeline" with actual guitar and a cool rhythm. The piano is very cool, and the guitar sounds like it's maybe Billy Strange, with vibrato and some distortion, and a Phil Pruden sax sound. My only question is, what's this doing here?

Surf Bunnies dot
Faux Surf (Instrumental)

Well, it's back to the Hollywood combo nonsense, with choppy sax and keys and guitar. Argh!

El Tecolote dotdotdot
Faux Surf (Instrumental)

A great bass line and exotic percussion opens "El Tecolote." The guitar plays a two-note riff that actually works OK. Fuzz and an unusual mix of styles keep this afloat.

Way To Do It dot
Faux Surf (Instrumental)

No no no! the carnival isn't due in town yet... jammy and completely forgettable.