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The Cool Night Air - Undertow: A Demodotdotdotdot
artworkFour of the eight tracks on this demo are instrumentals that reside in the suburbs of surf. Oakland' California's Cool Night Air create sophisticated music with a surf connection, and a very adventurous spirit.
Picks: The Guild, Shigella, Vasalisa, Spank House

Track by Track Review

The Guild dotdotdotdotdot
Sophisticated Surf (Instrumental)

The opening bass line conjures a slightly goofy image of an undulating gallop, which is accompanied by shuffling drums. The liquid ring of the lead guitar says surf. "The Guild" is a splendid track in the tradition of Buzzy Frets and his Surfabilly Orchestra. This is a very cool track that stays with you once you let it in.

Shigella dotdotdotdot
Sophisticated Surf (Instrumental)

The introductory guitar lines of "Shigella" flow gently across an evening meadow. Once into the song, it becomes something entirely different, with a sort of jazzy drum beat and meandering guitar line. The bridges return to the loveliness of the opening, which I think could easily be a song in itself. Quite nice.

Vasalisa dotdotdot
Sophisticated Surf (Instrumental)

"Vasalisa" is a slow moving piece that's a bit hypnotic. The ringing guitar and gentle emotion of the bass and drums lull you into a peaceful place. It hints slightly at Seattle or San Francisco sounds from the early psychedelic era, but is clearly not defined by those references.

Spank House dotdotdotdotdot
Sophisticated Surf (Instrumental)

Easily the most surf track from The Cool Night Air, "Spank House" rocks lightly, sports surf tonality, hosts a few speedy flourishes, features some very cool reverb guitar lines, and is also very adventurous. It's certainly not your father's surf, but it sure is cool. Think surf's emotion and prog's intellect.