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Conelrad - The Alexander Techniquedotdotdot
artworkAnother unusual and intriguing set from Bone Headquarters! About half of this release hints at what might have happened if Link Wray wasn't born until the mid seventies and was a computer geek. Too fun.
Picks: The Possum, Mumbleypeg, The Alexander Technique, Three Man Trash Can, Memo From Vernon, Blue Science, Rock 2004, The Tundra, Greaser, Rock 2002, Dr Thirsty, Rock 2001, The Cops Took My Pills, Test Device

Track by Track Review

The Possum dotdotdot
Technically Feasible Surf (Instrumental)

Sequenced weirdness and vibrato guitar tweaked and throbbed. "The Possum" is a fun little riff that's really quite rock-surf morphable. Kinda like Link Wray robot music.

Mumbleypeg dotdotdot
Technically Feasible Surf (Instrumental)

Sequenced percussive rhythm intro, long vibrato chords, shimmered notes, and a relentless beat and low-down bass line. "Mumbleypeg" is a very Link Wray-ish song, perhaps like you might imagine the soundtrack to 12 year old Link's last visit to the public library studying for his upcoming literacy test.

The Alexander Technique dotdotdotdot
Technically Feasible Surf (Instrumental)

"The Alexander Technique" is a Bo Diddley like song with a divinely simple and fluid melody line supported by stereo vibrato shimmer. This is a totally cool instro with all sorts of surf possibilities and realities. Entirely nifty!

Three Man Trash Can dotdotdot
Technically Feasible Surf (Instrumental)

Drum machine, sequenced thump, tweaky keyboard strangitudinal womping, and long sustain. "Three Man Trash Can" is quite a ways outside the surf envelope, yet it has some Link-like influences and a Space 1999 imagery.

Memo From Vernon dotdotdot
FutureFi (Instrumental)

PA yakking about productivity and work ethics, like you might expect in some sixties movie about your automated future as a highly valued cog on the assembly line of life.

Blue Science dotdotdot
Technically Feasible (Instrumental)

This sequenced adventure on a robot picnic is fun and a little disturbed. Nearly entirely on the tweaky side, yet not childish or dismissible at all.

Rock 2004 dotdotdot
Technically Feasible Rock (Instrumental)

Rock chord rhythm, a bit of vibrato lead, rock drums and bass, and a lead melody that' hints of a post machine life on the verge of discovering reality. Playful and innocent in a first sight kinda way.

The Tundra dotdotdot
Technically Feasible (Instrumental)

Active panning guitar, funky bass and drums, and tweaky little keyboard notes that present a more or less backdrop kind track, at least until the slow dramatic guitar peaks out from under the ones and zeros. If Link Wray was a computer geek, he might have thought like this. Quite odd.

Greaser dotdotdot
Technically Feasible (Instrumental)

Dedicated to those pompadourian fools of old, or perhaps that lube monkey at the quickie oil change, "Greaser" lumbers with a kind of unaware deliberateness. Pretty cool!

Rock 2002 dotdotdot
Technically Feasible Rock (Instrumental)

Laboring under the misconception that all kick-triggered super low bass is found in hip hop and techno, the quarryman overlooks "Rock 2002" as it appears in his shovel. You might too, but then you'd be missing some cool moments and long guitar notes.

Dr Thirsty dotdotdot
Technically Quenchable (Instrumental)

I was struck by chords that reminded me of early Credence Clearwater Revival as the song developed. It's a very tweaky number, with modulated guitar lines and strange little tones. "Dr Thirsty" must be a mighty parched little bugger.

Rock 2001 dotdotdot
Technically Feasible Rock (Instrumental)

"Rock 2001" is more rockin', yet very strange, with out of phase left-right processing of some instrumentation, which creates an uneasy nervousness. Otherwise, it's a mix of rock instro and robot walk.

The Cops Took My Pills dotdotdot
Technically Feasible (Instrumental)

Murky and mysterious, almost like the slow parts of "Fish Eye Sandwich" from the first Christmas album. Modulated boinking, bongos, moody depression... a delightful adventure in the psych ward.

Test Device dotdotdot
Technically Feasible (Instrumental)

Sampled electro handclaps, murky low quacks, and a vibrato mystery... it's odd sometimes discovering yet another way to apply real guitar. "Test Device" is actually attractive in an oscilloscope sorta way.