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Commando - Demo-CDdotdotdot
artworkThis is the first 3 song demo from Germany's Commando, who have been playing since 2002. The music is dark, futurist, sci-fi dangerous, and intriguing. Also on this demo is a dark and dangerous vocal called "9 Volt."
Picks: Libertine, The Emperor

Track by Track Review

Libertine dotdotdotdot
Heavy Sci-fi Surf (Instrumental)

The introductory riff to "Libertine" is Middle Eastern, while the song is intensely stinging. Some narration, but overall, it's like a heavy does of Link Wray psychedelicized and weirded out. It surely grows on you.

The Emperor dotdotdotdot
Heavy Sci-fi Surf (Instrumental)

A menacing and heavy pulsing keyboard sequence churns under a disturbingly dark melody. Future shock sci-fi danger runs throughout this alien attack. Intense.