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Jerry Cole and the Stingers - Guitars A Go Go Vol. 2dotdot
artworkPristine playing from session man Jerry Cole and his cohorts, but most of these tracks lack rock'n'roll chemistry. This is a long ways from essential.
Picks: Hey Little Girl

Track by Track Review

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah dotdot
Instrumental Rock (Instrumental)

Jerry Cole picks some mighty tasteful licks in this otherwise too jammy track. Superb playing, weak writing, and lots of fun.

Hold On dotdotdot
Instrumental Rock (Instrumental)

Some really nice slides and inspired fun on guitar rise above a basic jam backtrack. At times, there are hints of Travis Wammack in the noodling, and most certainly, Jerry Cole's playing is top notch. It's a fun and fast number with cool melody licks and infectious chemistry. It's all fun, and the Jerry MaGee style picking frenzies are darn nice, but it's just too jammy for me.

No More Hanky Panky dotdotdot
Instrumental Rock (Instrumental)

More frantic Jerry MaGee style picking in a relentless jammin' structure. Talent and precision alone just don't translate to cool in my book.

Hey Little Girl dotdotdot
Instrumental Rock (Instrumental)

This is a nice blues jam with organ and the general feel of the Stax-Volt house bands. Not really memorable, but quite nicely done anyway. "Hey Little Girl" is certainly no less contrived than much of Booker T and the MG's material.

Groovy Night dotdot
Instrumental Rock (Instrumental)

"Groovy Night" wants to be Booker T. & The MG's, but it's not. It's very well done, just too derivative for me.

Along Came Mary dot
Surf Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Chuck Berry licks abound pretending that "Johnny B. Goode" is original. "Along Came Mary" just bumps along was without ever arriving.

Sunset Strip dotdot
Surf Hot Rod (Instrumental)

The Beatles' "Ticket To Ride" is done with jazzy guitar and a very mindless studio session structure. If you never heard this, you'd be none the less for it.

Barefoot Baby dotdot
Instrumental Rock (Instrumental)

This is a low key Stax-Volt style jam. While very well done, it's low energy and much too repetitious for my taste.

Milk And Honey dotdot
Instrumental Rock (Instrumental)

"Milk And Honey" has a fun rhythm track and features pristine Memphis studio system groove. It's easy to listen to, but won't hold your focus.

Paperback Lover dotdot
Instrumental Rock (Instrumental)

The rhythm track is right out of "Sugarpie Honeybunch," and the rest is fairly jam based. Very well played, just lacking chemistry.