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Coffin Nails - Wreckers Yarddotdotdot
artworkWreckers Yard is a kind of reissue-best of Coffin Nails package. Two very unusual instros punctuate this psychobilly release.
Picks: Pussy Galore

Track by Track Review

Pussy Galore dotdotdotdot
Psychobilly Surf (Instrumental)

there's a very cool bass line here, with a slightly spyish melody. This trio track is very interesting, and quite different for Coffin Nails. Its stompin' drums and aggro chord section are powerful, and the gradually evolving song just gets more cooler (how's that for bad grammar?) as it progresses. Lots of drama and danger is a slightly Link Wray at the CIA way.

Out Of This World
Psychobilly Surf (Instrumental)

Haunted echo weirdness is stereo delayed to create a spooky effect. The main riff is lifted from Roy Head's "Treat Her Right," and the rest is very surfable in a psychedelic Link Wrayish sort of sound. This is totally strange, not radically thick and warbled like Space Agency, but just departing from Kiukuk headed in that direction.