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COEM - Move / The Mountaindotdotdot
artworkThis twofer reissue of COEM's Move and The Mountain sport 5 industrialized psychedelic instros with some angular surf references. Only for the adventurous.
Picks: Thoughts Like Mountain, Climb The Mountain, Mountain In Sea, Mountain Fighting Cities, Move On

Track by Track Review

Thoughts Like Mountain dotdotdotdot
Industrial Surf (Instrumental)

Gentle piano conjures an image of late night in a mansion, with a tuxedo wrapped gentleman quietly sipping hundred year old scotch. The image holds as the drums and bass come in, thought the tux is replaced by tweed and the scotch by beer. "Thoughts Like Mountain" is a slow moving piece that's very pretty and moving, and delicately played once the guitar and vibes are added to the lineup. Mighty nice!

Climb The Mountain dotdotdot
Industrial Surf (Instrumental)

This gentle track reminds of some of the early prog works where the bands were borrowing from the more sophisticated easy listening and dinner jazz along with their main course of classical. Sophisticated and very smooth.

Mountain In Sea dotdotdot
Industrial Surf (Instrumental)

Moody and spatial, "Mountain In Sea" seems utterly dependent on the bass for its soul and brooding nature. While the guitar and keyboard lines are very late night pretty, it's the bass and gentle drums that make this work.

Mountain Fighting Cities dotdotdotdotdot
Industrial Surf (Instrumental)

A relentless kick drum and moody bass provide a solid foundation for the spooky distant guitar and lovely piano. This is deceptively more than a mood piece or backgrounder, though at first glance you might mistake it for that. It demands and holds your focus. The rising feedback is really cool in a psychedelic way. My initial take was that this would be a 3 star piece, but by its end, the hair was standing up on the back of my neck and I was hooked, much in the same way The Mermen's "Pull Of The Moon" did the first time I heard it.

Move On dotdotdotdot
Industrial Surf (Instrumental)

"Move On" echoes with a psychedelic hall kind of Meddle period Pink Floyd-ish style, but with drums that remind me of Death Ride '69, and dark fuzz guitar. If Pink Floyd was fronted by Davie Allan instead of David Gilmore, they would have sounded like this.