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The Cocktail Preachers - Nothing Much Was Happening...dotdotdotdot
artworkThis is a fine demo from Indiana's Cocktail Preachers. The music is suave and unusual, and ranges from dissonant to very pretty. There's shimmer and smooth and throbbing elements throughout. I like the fact that they have taken common sounds and merged them in a new way. Not new territory, but a fresh look at things that brings new interest. The mix is a bit drum heavy in spots, but otherwise, this is a solid effort.

As an added bonus, the Cocktail Preachers added the following link: "For additional lyrics see"
Picks: Deep Deep Space, Long Boards Rule, Smokin' Tune, Albatross Joe, Oxygen

Track by Track Review

Deep Deep Space dotdotdot
TV Space (Instrumental)

theremin warbling and "Out OF Limits" guitar licks intro this eerie riff driven number, with keyboard simulation of the fifties female space chorus sound. It's a progression based thing with plenty of coy TV space movie theme sound. Quite nicely done and effective.

Long Boards Rule dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is a chunky sorta thing, based on a detuned Jan and Dean melody and lots of choppy rhythm. It's highly unusual structure and combination of familiar elements gives it a fresh feel. The Kinks "You Really Got Me" emphasis chords are cool too.

Smokin' Tune dotdotdotdot
Bachelor Pad Suave (Instrumental)

This is a slinky semi loungy number with a fine fluid melody and interesting interplay between the lead and the backtrack. The horn and semi-ska rhythm break make it even more bachelor pad cool.

Albatross Joe dotdotdotdot
Bachelor Pad Suave (Instrumental)

This is one fast chunky number, like a minor Surf Trio thing with edgy guitar and tenacious energy, plus some nasty double picking, along with some cool whammy dips. Yowsa!

Oxygen dotdotdotdot
Shimmering Suave (Instrumental)

Vibrato throbs the lead guitar over a slow and moody low-key backtrack. It is pretty and sad, almost dangerous without being menacing. Quite pretty and most appealing. Simply shimmers.