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The Robert Cobert Orchestra - Dark Shadows - The 30th Anniversary Collection [Soundtrack]dot
artworkThe Dark Shadows series first aired in 1966 and created quite a stir among the stay-at-home couch potatoes of the female persuasion. Set in the late 19th century, it used the soap opera formula and added werewolves, vampires, and dangerous sleeping around. This CD is comprised entirely of alternate versions from the original TV soundtrack, not the 1969 soundtrack album. The versions of the two "surfable" tracks featured on the LP are completely different. More than that, they are completely disappointing.
Picks: No. 1 At The Blue Whale, Back At The Blue Whale

Track by Track Review

No. 1 At The Blue Whale dot
Last Dance MOR (Instrumental)

A soft guitar stroll, like a prom night plinker, with piano and guitar romantically floating on a sea of last dance pomp. The guitar sports vibrato shimmer in an almost Sandals kinda romantic ocean interlude. This is much more MOR and squishy than the original release.

Back At The Blue Whale dot
Soundtrack MOR (Instrumental)

Credibly surfable, with big surf guitar relentlessly delivering a simple riff. Slushy orchestral fare eventually yields to a buried reverbed guitar. What's very significant to note is that this CD reissue is a complete remix, or perhaps new session completely. The guitar is very subdued in the mix to the point of being almost subliminal.