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The Closet Surfers - Go-Swami-Godotdotdot
artworkEasily the best yet from the Closet Surfers, Go-Swami-Go sports some very fine adventurous music that's clear surf lifestyle oriented and surf music influenced. While it's not at all trad, the Closet Surfers have captured the kind of light hearted adventure that is the spirit of Endless Summer. Fun and engaging.
Picks: Surf At 7, On Ta Cabo, Faster Punky, Looking For The Big Wave, Under The Deep Blue Sea, Go-Swami-Go, On Toward The Sun, From The Can, Surfin' Ta Sunset, At The Cabib

Track by Track Review

Surf At 7 dotdotdot
Closet Surf (Instrumental)

A fun at the beach sorta song, with tastefully arranged drums and bass, and a surfable rhythm and steel, as well as guitar work. Lots of energy and playfully good-natured sound. It's pretty clear that the Closet Surfers enjoy playing their sounds. A false end rounds out the experience. It's a little jammy, but the fun overcomes that easily.

On Ta Cabo dotdotdotdot
Closet Surf (Instrumental)

"On Ta Cabo" is a very pretty song, with a gentle flow and fine melody. A little sad, but more wistful and moody, and with an optimistic overtone. There's a chorus that adds a surf holiday feel, kinda like an Endless Summer scene.

Faster Punky dotdotdot
Closet Surf (Instrumental)

Chicken bop chop chords, liquid bass, and a sorta scroochy funkiness that's a natural counter pint to the melody riff. "Faster Punky" is a fun track with a quirky feel and unusual beat.

Looking For The Big Wave dotdotdotdot
Closet Surf (Instrumental)

keys and guitars and a rompin' beat calls to a sped-up drive down Highway 1 looking for the big waves. It's mostly about rhythm and an almost Keystone cops sense of cutting in and out around corners like that scene in Endless Summer. Pretty darn fun!

Under The Deep Blue Sea dotdotdot
Closet Surf (Instrumental)

This slow and bluesy song moseys like there's just no hurryin' home. The surf is down, the sun is setting, and there's no dinner waiting, so what's your hurry. The traveling side show verse is odd, yet friendly. A simply enjoyable track.

Go-Swami-Go dotdotdotdot
Closet Surf (Instrumental)

An traveling beat caries "Go-Swami-Go" down the highway on a summer's day with all of the windows down and the 9'6' hangin' out of the back window. It's a truly carefree song with a fun melody and infectious beat.

On Toward The Sun dotdotdot
Closet Surf (Instrumental)

Soft and silky, "On Toward The Sun" flows with beautiful guitar lines and an easy gate. Images of sundown lagoons and a distant pier, exemplified with the multipart harmony choruses. Very pretty.

From The Can dotdotdot
Closet Surf (Instrumental)

"From The Can" is a playful song with percussion energy and a light hearted front line. A little jazzy, a bit carnival-like, yet adventurous and fun.

Surfin' Ta Sunset dotdotdot
Closet Surf (Instrumental)

"Surfin' Ta Sunset" is a warm song with a cooling-off feel. Moody shallow vibrato, a gentle beat, and chorus with organ to add to the mood. This is quite an endearing track.

At The Cabib dotdotdot
Closet Surf (Instrumental)

A very cool funky bass line and tropical percussion and steel drum keys give "At The Cabib" a holiday in the Caribbean feel. Entirely enjoyable and fun. It collapses completely at the end in a dream-state entropy that's quite cool.