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The Closet Surfers - IIIdotdotdot
artworkSounding sampled and live, the Closet Surfers have created an entirely unusual approach to surf, or more accurately, applied surf to other styles liberally. Much more sophisticated than their earlier releases, and the logical stepson to prog-surf. Not for the trad nazi, but a very cool side trip on the way to the shore break.
Picks: Chalk Talk, Cocktail Surf, The Move, The Flow, Suicide, One-Eyed Bikini, The Lonely Surfer, About Time, Surf Alone, Beached, BOK, The Last Sunset, Ulawatu (Soundtrack 1), Ulawatu (Soundtrack 2), Lonely Larry

Track by Track Review

Chalk Talk dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A restrained Double picked guitar leads the attack against chanting voices. I suppose this is a vocal, but not exactly. Sampled and sequenced, and pumped up, "Chalk Talk" is quite a unique track. In some ways, it reminds me of Thermo.

Cocktail Surf dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is a rather silky haole island adventure with tribal drums and soft flowing lap steel. The guitar melody is simple and drifts across a verandah out onto the open lagoon on a warm summer's afternoon. Really cool!

The Move dotdotdotdot
Fusion Surf (Instrumental)

Tweaky and thumpy, with rock guitar and organ, "The Move" is an interesting bedroom approach to the surf from a Gary Hoey does jazz kinda way.

The Flow dotdotdot
MJQ Surf (Instrumental)

kinda like exotica if MJQ did it, "The Flow" is a delicate tropical piece with very pretty bell-tones like vibes. It brought a grin for sure.

Suicide dotdotdot
Steve Miller Surf (Instrumental)

With a disturbed twist on Steve Miller, the Closet Surfers mess around with a funky and tweaky riff with just enough humor and invention to raise it above its blues basis.

One-Eyed Bikini dotdotdotdot
Afternoon Surf (Instrumental)

Shimmering vibrato guitar plays a bit of island and surf. The drums are great, and the bass lines full and smooth. "One-Eyed Bikini" is frothy and moody, and portrays a surf afternoon. Pretty darn cool!

The Lonely Surfer dotdotdotdot
Prog Surf (Instrumental)

Jack Nitzsche' grodie orchestral hit is even lower and more cheesy, which works really well. Think of it as prog surf, like you might have heard at eagles Auditorium by accident. Scarily cool!

About Time dotdotdot
Club Surf (Instrumental)

Gutty guitar plays an angular and bluesy lead riff, while the drums bump ambiently. The keys give it a club feel.

Surf Alone dotdotdot
Haunted Jungle Surf (Instrumental)

Flutes echo distant jungles, while the guitar haunts the foreground with a moody riff. haunting and misty, "Surf Alone" is quite visual.

Beached dotdotdotdot
Haunted Jungle Surf (Instrumental)

More traditional than most here, "Beached" has the beat and the melody line to be from the era, but has a thoroughly modern sound. Pretty cool!

BOK dotdotdotdot
Urban Surf (Instrumental)

This is a funky urban piece with tweak in mind, and voices added with lines like "it's gonna "be OK." Fun and a long way from the beach.

The Last Sunset dotdotdotdot
Surf Dirge (Instrumental)

Great tribal drums undulate below a haunted and sad song. "The Last Sunset" is almost a dirge, with true sadness throughout. Sweet and forlorned.

Ulawatu (Soundtrack 1) dotdotdotdot
Paradise Lost (Instrumental)

Haunting mechanized exotic places wash across a distant horizon. Thunder rumbles in the ultra low bass lines, and the scene is at the close of a desperate adventure. A paradise lost kinda song, almost as if Illusion or early Renaissance had done it. Very spooky!

Ulawatu (Soundtrack 2) dotdotdot
Paradise Misled (Instrumental)

A different take on the theme, bumpy and urban, with a funky bass and a stepped up pace. This is more like the approach to the island before the harrowing adventure.

Lonely Larry dotdotdot
Oceanic (Instrumental)

Like a Mermen exercise in oceanic visions of whales and Shuggie Otis, "Lonely Larry" is a haunting and powerful sequence.