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The Closet Surfers - Closet Surfersdotdotdot
artworkFirst off, the Closet Surfers are not a surf band like you think that means. This is on the outskirts of new age. Some noodleage, some surfy tracks, some really reaching. "Pipeline" is interesting, if more properly placed in the elevator category. Programmed percussion and soft tones. Now, having said that, if you have need for a backdrop to a softer moment, this is actually quite a nice CD. It just doesn't sport much to surf by. Bare this in mind as you read the review.
Picks: White Water, 6-Pack, Third Wave, Endless Summer, High Tide, Living Surf, Send My Love, Speed Up / Slow Down, Work It Out, Surfer's Nightmare, Pipeline

Track by Track Review

White Water dotdotdot
New Age Surf (Instrumental)

This is a melodic island image tune that has a warm sun breezy feel to it. It's one of those tracks that I want to hate but find creeping in. The guitar is soft and round and subdued, providing an air of fluid ambiance.

6-Pack dotdotdot
New Age Surf (Instrumental)

This is the Sandals' tune, delivered with almost bumble bee guitar tone. It's cool in part because it's so completely morphed tonally while retaining the feel and structure. Nice track.

Third Wave dotdotdot
New Age Surf (Instrumental)

Slushy beach bungalow martini music. It seems fit for "Endless Summer."

Endless Summer dotdotdot
New Age Surf (Instrumental)

The Sandals' classic surf flick theme softly and wistfully played out like a moody backdrop. Very tasty, and so smooth. Definitely not front and center listening, but a pleasant backdrop for a verandah twilight. The delicate guitar work is quite pretty.

High Tide dotdotdot
New Age Surf (Instrumental)

This reminds me a bit of "Linus & Lucy," but is tropical and slushy, with Salsa percussion and lounge ease. Mood music for a fluid Baja party.

Living Surf dotdotdot
New Age Surf (Instrumental)

Lush faux strings and ambient visuals float from the keyboard. Delicate guitar work slips out in a structure that might be described as new age inverse Mermen. Jazzy and ethereal.

Send My Love dotdot
New Age Surf (Instrumental)

New age from start to finish.

Speed Up / Slow Down dotdotdot
New Age Surf (Instrumental)

Edgie new age? Well, yes, if you just add speed and weird tones... odd, but not particularly interesting.

Work It Out dotdot
New Age Surf (Instrumental)

"Work It Out" is too deliberate for me.

Surfer's Nightmare dotdot
New Age Surf (Instrumental)

New age keyboard ambient whacky drum sound fluff. More cutesy than musical.

Pipeline dotdotdot
New Age Surf (Instrumental)

Some interesting ideas are found here, with a blend of new age keyboard warpage and drum machine insanity. I should hate this, but it has some sort of draw like Hot Butter's version. Not great, just different. There's some subtle screaming guitar work that is so at odds with the back track that it reminds me of early Tuxedomoon.