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The Dave Clark Five - Bits and Pieces / Rarities, Hits and Single Tracksdotdotdot
artworkThis final volume in the complete DCV series collects rarities and singles, plus the Bits And Pieces album. The single "Bits And Pieces" ranks as a garage classic. I still recall the thunder of their high heels on Ed Sullivan's stage as they rock it up! 4 instros, including the rockin' single cut of "Chaquita" and some fine pop-rock awaits you here. They were a rock-solid pop band in an era of sappy crud and Beatles clones.
Picks: Chaquita, First Love, I Walk The Line, All Night Long

Track by Track Review

Chaquita dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

This is the earliest version of this amazing instro. It rocks with Latin percussion and exotica ethics, while launching from a rock solid beat and hard driving sound. The lead sax is nasty-raspy, and even louder than the album version, as is the guitar, which is significantly raunchy. Totally hot!

First Love dotdot
Shadows MOR (Instrumental)

The Dave Clark Five do a slow dance guitar number on the low-E for the teeny boppers at the hop. This cheesy instro sports a big guitar lead over a sock hop organ and chorus. MOR at heart, it's just a stone's throw from Duane Eddy.

I Walk The Line dotdotdot
UK Guitar Sub Surf MOR (Instrumental)

Acoustic guitar under a great low-E vibrato lead that borders on surf playing the Johnny Cash tune. Despite the male chorus, it holds up well. I still think the best DCV instro is "Chaquita."

All Night Long dotdotdot
Blues Rock (Instrumental)

"All Night Long" is a raucous instro in a tuff British R&B groove, with screaming and raw harmonica. It would fit right in a set of Graham Bond and Alexis Koerner stuff. Great rockin' hard edged blues rock.