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The Dave Clark Five - Glad All Over / Return / American Tourdotdotdot
artworkAfter the all mono limited edition US best-of release of a few years back, I wondered if the rest of their tracks would come out. It would seem that the wait is over. All of their recorded output is now on twofer and threefer CD's. Some tracks are stereo, most are mono. As you should expect, some of their tracks are hard driving pop-rock, some like "Glad All Over" are nearly garage anthems, a few are instro rockers, and still others are MOR fare. As pop bands go, these guys had a real edge and drive. Their heels stomping on a wooden stage in time made a glorious roar in their day. Three entire albums on one CD. Now there's no surf here, but there are 6 cool instros, including the often covered second DCV version of "Chaquita." The booklet is packed with pix, artwork, and detailed liner notes.
Picks: Chaquita, Rumble, Theme Without A Name, Move On, Blue Monday, Ol' Sol

Track by Track Review

Chaquita dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

This great instro rocks with Latin percussion and exotica ethics, while launching from a rock solid beat and hard driving sound. The lead sax is nasty-raspy. The only unfortunate thing is how subdued in the mix the almost surf guitar is. This is the second version of this fine tune.

Rumble dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

It's amazing what the DCV did with Link Wray's vital classic. Based on Link's album version, this is raw and nasty, with a slowly almost wah-wahed harmonica sustained against the lead. It creates an almost jaws harp sound. Very cool!

Theme Without A Name dotdotdot
MOR (Instrumental)

This is a nice guitar instro, featuring a shallow vibrato guitar shimmer. It's produced in an MOR vein with strings and a chorus, so it really stretches their rock credibility, but then so did many of their later tracks.

Move On dotdotdot
R&B (Instrumental)

This is a "Green Onions" sorta tune, with a subtle organ lead progression and a nifty harmonica. Low key and groovy in a Graham Bond Organization kinda way.

Blue Monday dotdotdot
Blues (Instrumental)

This venerable blues classic is slow and semi-funky, like a corner bar groove during off hours.

Ol' Sol dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"Ol' Sol" is a primal combo instro, with shouts and a tuff groove. Like many tunes out of Memphis, it's simple and effective, with cool hooks and easy access.