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The Church Keys - Work With It!!!dotdot
artworkYou might expect some Revels or Trashmen influences here, and maybe "Church Key Stomp" might be an updated "Church Key." You'd be wrong. No surf, no Central Coast sounds, nor Minneapolis vocals. Just low quality garage band imitation R&B-frat rants to carouse by. I was most disappointed. There are a coupe of instros here, but they are unremarkable. Actually, there is a pre-Trashmen Tony Andreason instro here from his days with Jim Thaxton and the Travelers.
Picks: Ale Up, Cyclon

Track by Track Review

Ale Up dot
Garage Trash (Instrumental)

Basic R&B riff, repeated repeatedly, with fast paved honks and squirts, and marginal sound. In some ways, it reminds me of an amphetamine "Brontosaurus Stomp." Fun once.

Cyclon dotdot
Garage Trash (Instrumental)

This is the trashiest cover of Jim Thaxton and the Travelers' (Tony Andreason) "Cyclon" I've heard. It is purely speed driven, and highly spirited, but lacks the charm and coolness of the original.