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Chum - Cheater 5dotdot
artworkChum hail from Manhattan Beach, California. Their music more rhythmic than melodic, but has an ominous feel and a watery appeal. Not quite dominant, yet definitely worrisome. Most tracks would be great backtracks to a solid melody, if there was one. With more melody development, these songs could be fleshed out into standalone monsters.
Picks: Surf Song, In The Green Room (through your mama's brown eyes), Raptor, Spinout, Cheater 5

Track by Track Review

Surf Song dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Surf Song" presents a moody low note slurry, short of melody, but with a progression that is ominous without being overbearing. A whammy watery feel and reverb.

In The Green Room (through your mama's brown eyes) dotdotdot

Fast double picked surf, with a shallow melody and tight glissandoes. The melody line is in the old school simplicity style... pretty nice track. The tribal drums break is excellent, as is the rhythmic guitar break.

Raptor dotdotdot
Surf ()

Somehow, "Raptor" is way cooler live than on disc. It's a kind of audience participation song, with everyone shouting "Raptor" on que. Not melodic, but a chunky rhythm monster. The narrative mid stream is sorta moron punk beach cool. Thrashy trashy fun.

Spinout dotdotdot

Bass lines open... gradually yielding to a textured progression. The lack of a lead melody leaves "Spinout" flat.

Cheater 5 dotdotdot

A bit of spaghetti western, a rhythmic chord pattern, and a friendly feel, but only a wisp of a melody line.