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The Chevron Threes - SoundClickdotdot
artworkThese three tracks are primitive, formative, and very premature for recording. Under developed and lacking anything like chemistry, but nonetheless displaying budding creativity. The Chevron Threes are from Chelmsford, Essex, UK.
Picks: Dead Man's Peak, Surf Good, Guinness Bad, The Missing Link

Track by Track Review

Dead Man's Peak dotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Heavy thick chords deliver a melody that's sad and totally not-surf rock. The muddy sound and gloomy arrangement make this more emotional than entertaining.

Surf Good, Guinness Bad
Rock (Instrumental)

Arranged and written a lot like The Ventures' "Damaged Goods." but nowhere near as interesting or engaging. This is the one surfable track here. Funny title.

The Missing Link dotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"The Missing Link" is a minimal rhythm progression that sure sounds like a backtrack waiting for a melody or lead. very under developed. It deteriorates as the blues rock jammy break comes along. Very dismissible.