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The Cherokees - Here Come The Cherokeesdotdotdot
artworkThis sixties band from Melbourne played very much like a Shadows clone, and often drifted into liter sounds, though never into the easy listening category. The drummer is the most interesting player of the bunch.
Picks: Thundercloud, Popeye, Moon In The Afternoon, Pony Express, Pinocchio, Gepetto

Track by Track Review

Thundercloud dotdotdot
Near Surf Country (Instrumental)

"Thundercloud" rocks and twangs with a high energy Atlantics sound. Racing beat, big echoed twang, and lots of energy. Cool song.

Popeye dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Yup, it's THAT melody! Too fun! The Cherokees play it with echoed guitar and a basic beat. Hardly essential, but entirely to fun, and the drums are quite good. Very cool!

Blues Saturday dotdotdot
Lite Rock (Instrumental)

There's not much blues about "Blues Saturday," but it has a classic European melody and guitar sound that are well matched. The melody is pretty and smooth.

Moon In The Afternoon dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"Moon In The Afternoon" is a classic melody covered many times. The Cherokees do it with a pleasant sound and modest energy. Simple, but nicely arranged, with excellent drums.

Pony Express dotdotdot
Cowboy (Instrumental)

"Pony Express" is cowboy rock in the sense of The Eagles (UK) or The Shadows. Bouncy, fun, and sporting great drums and twang. Quite nice.

Pinocchio dotdotdot
Lite Rock (Instrumental)

Great drums rock "Pinocchio," keeping this jumpin' track's sameness from underwhelming the listener. Vibrant and spunky.

Gepetto dotdotdot
Lite Rock (Instrumental)

Catchy chords and a rhythmic beat make this interesting. The melody is OK, and the tone very European (read Shadows). Once again, it's the drums that saves this.

Theme From A Summer Place dotdot
Lite Rock (Instrumental)

This is a very pedestrian version of this classic easy listening song. Nothing really makes this rise above the fray.