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The Charles Napiers - Play 14 Mondo Wray Favouritesdotdot
artworkThis band-issued cassette displays 14 tracks of varying quality and interest.
Picks: Harry Slegde, Moon Over Shoreditch, Blue Onions, Don Juan, A Shot In The Dark, Persuaders, A, B, and C, Human Jungle, First Plane Out Of Mexico, I Asked For Water, She Gave Me Gasoline, Fire Of Love, Valleri, Eight Minus One, Things've Changed 'Round Here

Track by Track Review

Harry Slegde dot
Garage Trash (Instrumental)

"Harry Slegde" is a trashy garage progression riff rock number. No melody, just energy. Harsh left and right stereo split sound continues the trashy ethic.

Moon Over Shoreditch dotdotdot
Garage Trash Surf (Instrumental)

A whining slide guitar backing up a nice little melody and a garage backtrack... There's an unexpected magnetism about this track. Thick harsh sound, and intense guitaristry. The blues harp is a nice touch.

Blue Onions dotdotdot
Garage Trash Blues (Instrumental)

Blues and an obvious influence... a solid Memphis style blues jam with a considerable edge. Funny how something so simple can attract. The dissonant sounds of out of tune guitars somehow adds.

Don Juan dotdot
Garage Trash Blues (Instrumental)

"Don Juan" is a thick blues harp and slide guitar assault, intense and big, with a few narrated lines.

A Shot In The Dark dotdot
Garage Trash Spy (Instrumental)

Henry Mancini's "A Shot In The Dark" gets the trash and grind treatment under the mondo mung hands of the Charles Napiers. Only slightly interesting.

Persuaders dot
Garage Trash Spy (Instrumental)

Big chop garage guitar, a fuzz riff, and the feel of a slightly cleaned up Billy Childish kinda sound. Too repetitious.

A, B, and C dotdotdot
Garage Trash Spy (Instrumental)

"A, B, and C" is sorta like an inverted "Charade," with the dementia of dissonant sound and quirk as art. melodic and tingly, with an ugliness coexisting with a catchiness.

Human Jungle dotdotdot
Garage Trash Flute Surf (Instrumental)

A distant space surf darkness and a flute from the underbelly of Herbie Mann, all sludged out for a weirdly interesting track despite it's highly repetitive nature. reverbed, spatially open, jazzy and dangerous. "Human Jungle" is quite an adventure in the dark reaches of back alleys and waterfront warehouses.

First Plane Out Of Mexico dotdot
Garage Trash Organ R&B (Instrumental)

Weirdly vibratoed guitar, cheesy organ, haunting flute, and some kinda R&B riff rockin' feel. Just too repetitious.

I Asked For Water, She Gave Me Gasoline dot
Garage Trash R&B (Instrumental)

Vibrato shimmer, guitar chop, blues harp, an R&B progression a la "Smokestack Lightning," and a never ending repetition, interrupted only by big chord drama.

Fire Of Love dotdotdot
Garage Trash (Instrumental)

Trashy riff rock from under the car... ominous, but without direction. The riff is melodic enough to be developed like Davie Allan might, but it doesn't quite get outta the shoot.

Valleri dotdotdot
Garage Trash Surf (Instrumental)

Shimmering vibrato guitar, piano plunkery, a slow haunting melody that's quite nice... "Valleri" is a nice little track, with the art of the writing transcending the limitations of the sound and arrangement. Both dissonant and endearing.

Eight Minus One dotdotdot
Garage Trash (Instrumental)

Big chords jammed, a dangerous riff, and the feeling that it's going to overtake you through its relentless expansion. Not melodic, but dangerous and interesting.

Things've Changed 'Round Here dotdotdot
Garage Trash Spaghetti Western (Instrumental)

A gunshot and a jaws harp opens this spaghetti western flavored track. "Things've Changed 'Round Here" is dramatic, dangerous, dissonant, and magnetic. The twango and howl of it placed through a reverby wash present an ominous image of danger on the dusty plain.