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The Charles Napiers - Return Of The Mondo Wray Mendotdotdot
artworkAnother short cassette sample of the Charles Napiers' wares. Not a bad sample.
Picks: Diamonds, Rianna Scipio Theme, I Can Only Give You Everything, I'm Leavin'

Track by Track Review

Diamonds dotdotdot
Garage Trash Spaghetti Western (Instrumental)

This spaghetti style track is boomy and tribal, dangerous and big. The stinging guitar and pasta ethic brings forth crystalline images of Italian cowboy flicks. It's about the sludgiest treatment of Jerry Lordan's tune around. Quite cool.

Rianna Scipio Theme dotdotdot
Garage Trash Dockside (Instrumental)

Slow sludgy twang and dockside gangster danger... "Rianna Scipio Theme" moves slowly through a forbidden place, threatening your every move. A fine idea well executed with twang and ringing chords.

I Can Only Give You Everything dotdotdot
Garage Trash Surf (Instrumental)

This is the Van Morrison single (penned by Paul Simon I think) surfed into a slow haunting piece. An excellent idea, which develops into a big assault from a delicate beginning. The murky mix keeps it from being a monster.

I'm Leavin' dotdot
Garage Trash R&B (Instrumental)

Rhythmic chunky R&B riffs with fine guitar and blues harp... but without a melody, it's just a jam.