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The Chantays - Out Of The Bluedotdotdot
artworkThe EP from the second CD from the reformed Chantays. These four tracks are essentially the same as the album, except for some time edit differences.
Picks: Out Of The Blue, Killer Dana, Nightsand, Tuna Towne

Track by Track Review

Out Of The Blue dot
Rock (Instrumental)

The vocal line seems really dated and out of place with the character of the CD at large. This is a single edit, shorter than the album version.

Killer Dana dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Recut version of the hottest tune from their "Next Set" CD. It's a simple ditty with an infectious nature. This performance is less energetic, but has more finesse and a more effected lead guitar, with a bit of phasing or flanging. I think the "Next Set" version is better one because it is more reverby and has a deeper surf feel to it. Still, this is one powerful track.

Nightsand dotdotdotdot
Island Shimmer (Instrumental)

Slow shimmer and vibrato and a distant eerie romantic feel to the music, with a sound that hints of lyrics where none are found. It reminds me of the Aqua Velvets with lower guitar tones. A very nice mood piece, but little surf feel, though I could definitely see it on the soundtrack of some surf film.

Tuna Towne dot
Country (Instrumental)

Sorta talkin' country vocal number.