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The Champs - Mr. Cool c/w 3/4 Mashdotdotdot
artworkWith a large number of singles out there, it's unusual that The Champs could keep issuing strong sides. Mr. Cool c/w 3/4 Mash is a very interesting coupling.
Picks: Mr. Cool, 3/4 Mash

Track by Track Review

Mr. Cool dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Based on the TV commercial music, "Mr. Cool" is a happy party song that's very catchy. The chorus is sorta cheesy, but that doesn't stop you from liking this a lot. This is a very fun track that's exactly what The Champs were all about.

3/4 Mash dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"3/4 Mash" sports a very cool circling guitar and bass riff, with hand claps in sync with the drums. The saxes play a mournful simple line. This is a very simple number, but it's unusual nature really captivates.