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The Centuries - 4th Dimension c/w Jack 23dotdotdotdot
artworkThis obscuro is mighty cool, with spacy electronics right out of B-movies.
Picks: 4th Dimension, Jack 23

Track by Track Review

4th Dimension dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

From the opening Theremin through the totally infectious rhythm guitar, this surf tune features three guitars, a damped super reverbed classic surf rhythm, a dryer chord playing rhythm, and a vibratoed and reverbed lead which issues sounds from behind the bridge while not playing a lead melody. Totally weird and utterly cool.

Jack 23 dotdotdot
Lap Steel Surf (Instrumental)

Fuzz bass, surf dry second guitar, and dry lead... it's a lot like a studio session in search of a reason to be, though some of the guitar noodling is just like Paul Johnson's in "Garbage Pit" (Hollywood Surfers) or perhaps an outtake from the Deadly Ones sessions with Joe South on guitar, which is more aurally compatible with this track. Still, the surfisms are there, and the break is pretty cool. The fuzz bass places this pretty late in the era.