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Catch A Wave - Beach Songs For Kidsdot
artworkBeware the faceless "artist" doing "beach songs for kids" when they say trendy ad-slogan things like "catch a wave, hang ten or just feel the sand between your toes with these classic sing-along beach songs styled in the contemporary rhythms of today's music." Like other studio cash-in projects, this may almost appeal to kids, but it's neither contemporary nor very entertaining. You tikes will enjoy the real thing way more than this. Even the venerable "Wipe Out" is without redeeming value. Next!
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Wipe Out dot
Childish Surf (Instrumental)

This is a mundane rendition of the Surfaris' classic riff surer. It doesn't rise to the level of the Summer Breeze or Herbie Hancock versions. The guitar tone is entirely out of sync with the surf sound, or any of the effects that compliment it. The tune is punctuated with narrative surf talk for the kiddies, only slightly less moronic than the "surfer dictionary" lists that used to grace LP covers.