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Corky Carroll - Surf Dogs On The Rangedotdotdot
artworkCorky has always done quirky country with surf or related lyrics. His stuff ranges from funny to just so-so. Here, the CD has many such numbers. In a departure for Corky, there are two mixes of a stunning instrumental he calls Burning Sands. I'd really like to see Corky do an instro album. He's quite good at the writing, and if the arrangements and mixes were anywhere near as good as the original mix here, it would be a killer album. It's hardly trad surf, but it is no farther away from center than the Aqua Velvets. It's not often that I like a single track so much that the whole CD gets four stars.
Picks: Burning Sands, Burning Sands (The Range Mix)

Track by Track Review

Burning Sands dotdotdotdot
Hawaiian Middle East Surf (Instrumental)

This is one of Corky's few instrumentals, and one of his few non-country songs. It has a Middle-Eastern mystique with Hawaiian lap steel. All very soft and moody. The foreign intrigue of it suggests it's potential use in a film soundtrack. It's really quite beautiful.

Burning Sands (The Range Mix) dotdotdot
Hawaiian Middle East Surf (Instrumental)

A remix of track six with the keys in much more prominence. It loses it's subtlety, and with it, it's power. Still great, just not as intriguing as the original mix.