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Captain Twang and his Rhythm Cat - Twang First, Ask Later!dotdotdotdot
artworkTwang First, Ask Later! about sums it up! Superb electric slide a la Chris Darrow or Ron Wood, with string surf influences and cowboy blues. Not your traditional surf by any stretch, but what cool music lives here! Amazing!
Picks: Hound Dog Slide, Mr. Moto, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Pipeline, Slidewalk, Nitro

Track by Track Review

Hound Dog Slide dotdotdotdot
Slide Surf (Instrumental)

When the word 'slide' appears in a title, you know there's going to be slide guitar. Rich bluesy electric slither and a strong backbeat. Oh yeah, the dogs bark all along the way.

Mr. Moto dotdotdotdot
Slide Surf (Instrumental)

Surf classic in a blues format with slide guitar and dry muted rhythm. The slide is tremolo vibrated in the break for a psychedelic affect. This is an original interpretation of Paul Johnson's seminal surf instro. It's so unlike any other that it's almost as if Captain Twang and his Rhythm Cat wrote it themselves.

Jumpin' Jack Flash dotdotdotdot
Slide Surf (Instrumental)

Ok, not exactly surf, but with tribal percussion and gritty snarl, The Rolling Stones' "Jumpin' Jack Flash" is off in its own corner. Slide, dark grit, and ominous.

Pipeline dotdotdotdot
Slide Surf (Instrumental)

Sans glissandos, with more nod to Johnny Thunders than The Chantays, and dry muted rhythm. There is a very modern surf feel here, and some gnarly guitar tone too. Pretty cool!

Slidewalk dotdotdotdotdot
Slide Surf (Instrumental)

Well now! This is a complete reinvention of Santo and Johnny's "Sleep Walk." Though slide is the lead instrument, the way it's psychedelicized and disturbingly slithered is just so different that it's not obvious what's going on at first. Downright spooky!

Nitro dotdotdotdotdot
Slide Surf (Instrumental)

Dick Dale's "Nitro" is way outside the expected envelope for covers of this song. Giant slide, bluesy tone a la Chris Darrow, and huge sound. All I can say is wow!