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Captain Ahab's Surfwax - Demodotdotdot
artworkAarhus, Denmark's Captain Ahab's Surfwax play extremely unique music. Based in surf, but employing horns much as The O'Hara's do, but with much more dramatic and sad an outcome. This music is often very visual and evolving, and can be dissonant yet beautiful. An adventure into one of surf's more isolated coves.
Picks: Surf anno 2005, Sekund, Retarderet Pyntes'n, Whale Song, Sombrero For The White Whale

Track by Track Review

Surf anno 2005 dotdotdot
Brass Surf (Instrumental)

Slow and sad, the rhythm guitar trembles with emotion as the lead dribbles double picked note like a gondola captain's radio in Venice. Eventually, "Surf anno 2005" picks up the pace and shifts to horn dominance. With a more orchestral sound, the song seems less sad, but it drops back into the opening style soon enough.

Sekund dotdotdot
Brass Surf (Instrumental)

Lots of note warbling as the song gets under way. "Sekund" features modern tone and trembling rhythm guitars chop behind long notes and horn drama. Pretty unusual, and very dramatic.

Retarderet Pyntes'n dotdotdot
Brass Surf (Instrumental)

Dissonant guitar and horns couple with throbbing accompaniment, while "Retarderet Pyntes'n" depends on a semi-ugly wash between mysterious long-note melody sequences. It sounds out of tune, yet seems to work that way very well, almost as if the guitar is in a different key than the rest of the players on purpose.

Whale Song dotdotdotdot
Brass Surf (Instrumental)

"Whale Song" uses chop chords to set up a rhythm behind very long notes and slow evolution. This is haunting and sad, not unlike The O'Hara's. Pretty interesting!

Sombrero For The White Whale dotdotdotdot
Brass Surf (Instrumental)

Boy, is this stretched out! "Sombrero For The White Whale" is extremely slow and sad, and at 9:39, it seems to go on forever. At about 3:30, some serious drama yields to a splendid surf melody that's light hearted and very visual. You can just see dawn on a small but perfect day at a deserted stretch of white sand beach. Very pretty!