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Captain Bigwheel - Detonationdotdotdot
artworkBig crunch guitar rock, somewhat in the vein of Huevos Rancheros or Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet. This release sports 10 instrumentals and 6 vocals. Much of the disc features the thick hyper crunch thunder of surf punk from the compressed late eighties power viewpoint. It's quite a ride for the big guitar fan. While the writing is not very melodic, the progressions and riffs are often quite satisfying, and the intensity of the playing is enough to carry the day.
Picks: Vengaza!, Erika, Funzanoon, Horseshoes and Handgrenades, La Parka, Moonrunner, Pony Salute, Crypt Kicker 5, Death Valley Driver, Nudies In The Night

Track by Track Review

Vengaza! dotdotdot
Hyper Crunch Thunder (Instrumental)

Heavy crunch, compressed distortion guitar rock, some whammy action, some riffology, and lots of energy.

Erika dotdotdot
Hyper Crunch Thunder (Instrumental)

Ultra heavy riff rockin' distortion pounding... The thundering bass-drums break is very cool, like a post modern "Wipe Out " without the cutesiness.

Funzanoon dotdotdot
Hyper Crunch Thunder (Instrumental)

Harsh drive, flying fingers, almost guitar boogie riffin', and no shortage of excitement. "Funzanoon" is just too riffy for me... not melodic enough.

Horseshoes and Handgrenades dotdotdot
Hyper Crunch Thunder (Instrumental)

Great title... this sports a nearly melodic riff and a relentless drive, with catchy damped chops and a few well placed glissandoes down and back up the neck. It reminds me some of the Cramps.

La Parka dotdotdot
Hyper Crunch Thunder (Instrumental)

Heavy low down chord chunk and thick twang. The catch phrase here is intense with whammy. Not melodic, but very strong and powerful. "La Parka" invokes images of cactus and a pure white avalanche. Speedy double picked lines here and there display mighty quick fingers.

Moonrunner dotdotdotdot
Hyper Crunch Thunder (Instrumental)

Tom tom ecstasy and big guitar twango, swimming chord power, and intense whammy. In some ways, this track reminds me of the Neptunes, with less crunch and more wall of sound feel. very cool!

Pony Salute dotdotdotdot
Hyper Crunch Thunder (Instrumental)

Flying double picked lead work and powerdrive energy... thick hyper crunch thunder. The intensity overrides the riffy nature or the guitar runs... it's quite a short board experience. There's nothing delicate here.

Crypt Kicker 5 dotdotdotdot
Hyper Crunch Thunder (Instrumental)

Moderate tempo whammy silk, like you might expect from Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet. "Crypt Kicker 5" is big, crunchy, and awash in watery imagery. Great!

Death Valley Driver dotdotdot
Hyper Crunch Thunder (Instrumental)

Another track similar to Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet. Moderately paced, delicate damped harmonic picking, and a whammified "Cave Man" feel. A solid track.

Nudies In The Night dotdotdot
Hyper Crunch Thunder (Instrumental)

Big thunder, fast picking, edgie tone... "Nudies In The Night" is not as stripped down as you might think. Thick and whammified, it drives for home with nor remorse.