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The Capacitors - Cybersurfdotdotdot
artworkThis trio is comprised of guitar, upright electric bass, and keyboards and programmed drums. Very heavy crunchomatic surf for interstellar space, like the sound and melodic approach of Ursa Minor combined with the crunch of Plank. Thick, rhythmic, and the drum machine is not offensive, but rather is pretty heavy. Definitely surf based, but from an eighties punk-nineties grunge outlook with rounder tone.
Picks: Infernal Machine, Attack Of The Plant Men, Malfunction, Mission X, The First Cosmonaut, Channel Surfing, The Lonely Cybersurfer, Hot Rod Burnout, V36 Space Modulator, Diabolical Phibes, Rocket Robin Hood, Double O

Track by Track Review

Infernal Machine dotdotdot
Cybersurf Surf (Instrumental)

Heavy crunch and thunder, a melodic riff, the drama of Agent Orange circa 1982, the vision of Plank, and the drive of deep circuit saturation. Thundering tom toms, gutty guitar, rumbling bass. It has the basic feel of a Plank track, but not quite as grunge, maybe darker. The basic riff is carried off by the tones employed. The slow sustain at the bridge into the more delicate riff is nice. Very nice.

Attack Of The Plant Men dotdotdot
Cybersurf Surf (Instrumental)

As the girls scream and run, the punk chunk grinds, the keys whirl, and the bass thunders. This is a heavy assault on the shores of microprocessor hell. More chunk and grind than song, like an eighties B-side instro. Not quite melodic, but also more than just a backtrack.

Malfunction dotdotdot
Cybersurf Surf (Instrumental)

Ultra compressed guitar riffology... it is pretty repetitive, yet not boring. There are enough changes to keep it from dropping into no melody land, even though there is none.

Mission X dotdotdotdot
Cybersurf Surf (Instrumental)

Thick heavy spy music, with a solid riff and lots of whammified sustain. The keys are both eerie and atmospheric. Pretty unusual track. I'm not sure why, but this seems to be endearing.

The First Cosmonaut dotdotdotdot
Cybersurf Surf (Instrumental)

This is easily the most melodic track here, with a solid surf riff delivered with ominous grunge power and damped chop. Moody, dangerous, and powerful. "The First Cosmonaut" is a solid track with ample power, and the double picked break links it squarely to the surf roots the band flaunts. very cool track.

Channel Surfing dotdotdot
Cybersurf Surf (Instrumental)

So, the radio dial rolls by, stopping at an intense surfomatic spymobile track with great chop and organ. It is more a riff rocker than a song, lacking the focus a melody lead would give it, but still it does work. The intensity of the guitar seems to be the factor that holds it up.

The Lonely Cybersurfer dotdotdotdot
Cybersurf Surf (Instrumental)

This is one bizarre cover of one bizarre surf classic. Jack Nitzsche's "The Lonely Surfer" is hybridized with grunge thunder and a somewhat spacie feel. I think this is the first time I've heard this tune morphed to any significant degree. It lacks the morbidity of the original, but has a new charm and a more sterile moodiness.

Hot Rod Burnout dotdotdot
Cybersurf Surf (Instrumental)

Choppy glissando opening, surf riff guitar, and pumped edge, with ample compression and anger. This works well, and displays a modern drive and style. A "Wipe Out" inspired break is an odd insertion, but also shows off the band's roots. A second guitar would certainly fill this out, but that's merely a suggestion.

V36 Space Modulator dotdotdotdot
Cybersurf Surf (Instrumental)

The whirring electronics in the opening suggest early Hawkwind, while the eerie keyboard lead suggests the Astros, and the rhythm section hollers now. The guitar glissandoes and rhythm riffs are excellent. It's not often that a keyboard tune catches my attention, but this surely does.

Diabolical Phibes dotdotdot
Cybersurf Surf (Instrumental)

"Diabolical Phibes" is pretty metallic, like maybe an eighties metal band might use as a break in an anthemic powerhouse number. It's quite good, with a solid riff and interesting churchy keyboard break. Quite dramatic.

Rocket Robin Hood dotdotdotdot
Cybersurf Surf (Instrumental)

Major crunch, long guitar glissandoes, and a Christmas sound (don't ask me to explain that, but that is what it conjured in my mind's eye). Drive, a playfulness, and excellent damped chops. Pretty cool!

Double O dotdotdot
Cybersurf Surf (Instrumental)

This has the most surfy guitar tone, and is the most delicate of the tracks here. Mid tempo moody, pretty, a little bit of espionage and a dash of spaghetti western. Aquatic, cacti lined, and sad. Quite nice.