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The Cadillac Hitmen - Tri-State Killing Spreedotdotdotdot
artworkWhat a marvelous disc this is. Light years ahead of their fine first CD, this demands attention. It is most artful, very sophisticated, sensitive, dangerous, and shimmering. It takes instro rock into new territory, like the undelivered promise of prog, it creates imagery, almost movie like stories, but it does so without leaving the rock 'n' roll behind. It's not surf, but this is a must have disc.
Picks: Black Snake Road, The Bullet Dance, Lock 'N Load, Tri-State Killing Spree, Blue Agave, Tombstone and Gila, Cold Sweat, The Painted Desert, El Gringo Muerte, Do The Iguana, Race For The Border

Track by Track Review

Black Snake Road dotdotdotdot
Desert Evil (Instrumental)

Boy howdy! "Black Snake Road" is one monster track. It employs a simple riff and a basic beat, but the purely ominous guitar effects of delay and tone create the kind of can't escape fear epitomized in the repeatedly failed attempts of Nicholas Cage to escape the Hell of Red Rock in Red Rock West. Wow!

The Bullet Dance dotdotdotdot
Rhythmic Sage Brush (Instrumental)

A splendidly cool whirl of tone and melody, suggesting shimmer and shadow, and magically drawing you in. It has a Bo Diddley / Buddy Holly feel, not the Bo Diddley Beat, but the swirling tone he used on some of the more melodic and fluid recordings. It shines and smiles, while implying an optimistic escape from a sadder time. Excellent!

Lock 'N Load dotdotdotdot
Open Space (Instrumental)

From the opening scene, this slowly climbs from cymbal moods to shimmering vibrato images. It's sad, slightly menacing, with an illusional beauty and a round crunch. Quite spectacular. The dark double picked bridge is most dangerous.

Tri-State Killing Spree dotdotdotdot
Western Drama (Instrumental)

The almost peaceful nature of the opener is quite deceiving. There is a sad open road escape from horror as the credits roll feel to this western movie. Very pretty and VERY enjoyable. The shimmer of the vibrato mid stream makes for a solid change of pace. Once the power house drums kick in, it becomes a galloping cowboy ride away from danger. The many changes keep the landscape changing and the danger escalating. Very cool, like a Clint Eastwood cactus drama.

Blue Agave dotdotdot
Blues (Instrumental)

Blues and melody, warmth and out in the cold feelings, and a slow deliberate pace.

Tombstone and Gila dotdotdotdot
Tumble Weed (Instrumental)

This rocks and rolls with the sort of warm countrification the Shakin' Apostles created with "Run Through Wild Country," where the open trail and the adventure meet the electric guitar. Really a nice track.

Cold Sweat dotdotdotdot
Ghost Town (Instrumental)

Distant edge, throbbing atmosphere, and moody tones. Spectacular drama exists here. "Cold Sweat" is a marvelous track with crunch and pomp, danger and lure. Thick production on the guitar works to create the kind of danger few have previously achieved (maybe the Scorpions with "Sails of Charron"). Menacing!

The Painted Desert dotdotdotdot
Scenic Beauty (Instrumental)

The landscape of this track floats on your imagination as you embrace the orange skies at dusk over the cactus plain.

El Gringo Muerte dotdotdotdot
Death of the American (Instrumental)

"Hey Gringo!" - BANG! "El Gringo Muerte" sports a great rolling cadence with a solid rock-cowboy feel and wonderful chunk. Probably the closest thing to surf here, this is immediately accessible and magnetic. Low-E grind and power. The glissandoes complete the link to the aquifer.

Do The Iguana dotdotdotdot
Here Lizard Lizard (Instrumental)

Cool and undulating, this fun track bounces along like a playful display of happy lizards. For some reason, I keep seeing the Taco Bell® chihuahua saying "Here, lizard lizard."

Race For The Border dotdotdotdot
Power (Instrumental)

Power grind edgie attack of the relentless ones. Thick sustained distorted guitar and super tight backtrack. A powerful way to close out the disc, with rhythmic assault and demanded attention.