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The Byrds - Never Beforedotdotdot
artworkThis CD is a collection of long lost CBS sessions, including the illusive first version of "Eight Miles High." Two instros are here, one very surfable, one not.
Picks: Flight 713, Moog Raga

Track by Track Review

Flight 713 dotdotdot
Folk Surf (Instrumental)

This is a mighty pretty instrumental from pre-CBS days of the Byrds. Dramatic, folky, prog-like at times, and perhaps very surfable. "Flight 713" is a very moody song that's more about drama and sound than melody, but gets right to the heart. It was started as a backtrack to a song they never completed.

Moog Raga dotdot
Folk Synth (Instrumental)

Moog silliness and Indian raga rhythms. This odd and moody electro-instro was originally slated for release on the Notorious Byrd Brothers album, even being included in the tracklist in advertising before the release, but was yanked at the last minute. This is a 1988 remix.