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The Byrds - Live At The Fillmore ~ February 1969dotdotdot
artworkYou might wonder about this release being reviewed here, but fear not. There are two instros here, one of which was an influenced by and was an influence on surf, though under its originator Buck Owens. While this is long past the hey day of surf, and is much more country rock that coastal twang, these two songs are very morphable into the idiom, and at least "Buckaroo" originated during the Fender rebellion.
Picks: Nashville West, Buckaroo

Track by Track Review

Nashville West dotdotdot
Country Rock (Instrumental)

"Nashville West" is a catchy little instro with twang and charm, and a warm sound borne on the summer breezes of Chet Atkins' legacy. As the show opener, it allows the band to get their chops without having to employ their tonsils, a reward in itself for we, the instro chosen few. Mid tempo, punchy, and inviting in a Sunday picnic sorta way.

"Nashville West" takes its title from lead guitarist Clarence White's country rock band Nashville West, from which drummer Gene Parsons also came. White had been brought into the Byrds to replace Gram Parsons.

Buckaroo dotdotdot
Country (Instrumental)

No one "gets it" with country more than Mr. Bakersfield and his Little Crawdads - er - uh - I mean the inimitable Buck Owens and the Buckaroos, so when they set out to create the ultimate country instro, they could not have done better than the spunky and fun "Buckaroo." Well suited for a four piece, the song swings and must have warmed the hall on that cold night in 1969. Melodic and thoroughly enjoyable, and though it's less organic than the original, still a fine example of the attraction of a well turned instro.