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The Bustin' Burritos - For Your Russian/Mexican Mental Picturesdotdotdotdot
artworkFor Your Russian/Mexican Mental Pictures is a collection of the tracks that the Bustin' Burritos have leaked out as demos over the last couple of years. Lots of cool and fun stuff here. they aren't traditional surf, but use the genre as an influence, amped with Swedish energy. Great stuff!
Picks: You're Not Much Of A Secret, Mr. Agent, Rubber Along The Road, The Sparetime Autopsist, The Elimination Of Eugene, The Ghost Of Fireball Roberts, Pablo Potemkin, Sombrero Soldier, The Friendly Dentist, An Evel Knievel Event, Imaginary Visitors, Haunted By Henry Reverb, Them Tango Tourists, May I Borrow Your Secret Agent?

Track by Track Review

You're Not Much Of A Secret, Mr. Agent dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Rhythmic chop chords and pulsing drums and bass run amok beneath a thick horn and guitar jam that's a cross between spy and soul and surf. "You're Not Much Of A Secret, Mr. Agent" is an interesting and magnetic array of sounds that command attention through its shear intensity.

Rubber Along The Road dotdotdotdot
Post Surf Cartoon Future Gloom (Instrumental)

Programmed percussion, big guitar vibrato throb chords, and a lumbering surfable melody. This is surf oriented, though you certainly would be excused for missing the link. Very original and very cool.

The Sparetime Autopsist dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Keys warn of bandits just down the road. Kinda like a carnival of soulless guitars. Vibrato distortion, strange days on the midway, and drama. Most unusual.

The Elimination Of Eugene dotdotdot
Post Surf Cartoon Future Gloom (Instrumental)

Poor old Eugene is on the outs - permanently. "The Elimination Of Eugene" uses spy sounds and bongos, post robot tweakiness, and an almost Casio cheesiness. Nice track.

The Ghost Of Fireball Roberts dotdotdotdot
Post Surf Cartoon Future Gloom (Instrumental)

A long string of sci-fi sonic chops from the keys precedes the lead guitar taking over. The most surfable track here, with strong guitar and a solid surf melody. Catchy and fun, and maybe a little over the top. The fingers fly on the guitar. Totally cool!

Pablo Potemkin dotdotdot
Post Surf Cartoon Future Gloom (Instrumental)

One drunk claps mercilessly, the synth launches a prog rock progression, and then the guitar comes in with rock tones and a slithery melody line in a thick was of original sounds. Some double picking and some original arranging too.

Sombrero Soldier dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

The Vaqueros' chunky "80 Foot Wave" is slowed a bit and reverbed to the max. Great glissandoes and twang ride atop a solid backtrack. Dueling guitars char the silence on this fine surf track!

The Friendly Dentist dotdotdot
Spy (Instrumental)

Tribal drums thunder under a riffin' spy-ish song with a catchy rhythm and relentless guitar line. The continuous nature of the lead riff creates a nervous energy in "Racin' Sidecars" that hints at the dangers of the ride. Mighty cool!

An Evel Knievel Event dotdotdot
Post Surf Cartoon Future Gloom (Instrumental)

More circular than I envision Evel Kneivel to be, this nevertheless employs some shimmering guitar, some edgy chords, and a dark circular chord progression for a disturbed ride on a phantom bike. Whammy, extended chords, programmed percussion, and some intense twang. catchy in a postmodern world.

Imaginary Visitors dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Exotic bongos and surf twang, rhythmic richness, and an unusual structure create a new and lurid sound of irresistible danger. "Imaginary Visitors" mixes surf and cowboy and the lure of a black hole for a completely new experience.

Haunted By Henry Reverb dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Great title! Semi dramatic, colorful, and melodic. More jangle and distortion than reverb, and on the eerie side, yet inviting. The disturbed guitar-organ duet is both endearing and bothersome.

Them Tango Tourists dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Playful chords and summery sunset guitar lines, shimmering vibrato, and an island feel. "Them Tango Tourists" is an interesting mix of an island getaway and an underlying depression not left behind. Strangely sad, yet hopeful. Quite cool.

May I Borrow Your Secret Agent? dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Tweaky sequenced keys, vibrato twang, and urgent messages for the home office. Quite weird, yet interesting.