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Les Brown Jr. - Wildest Drums Yet!dot
Why?! Aside from having a name and coming from a plugged-in family, recorded evidence of talent meriting even one album is completely lacking. His drumming is precise, but lacking both imagination and chemistry. One track here, "Drum Safari," approaches surf, and is totally unlike the rest of the pallid studio session jazz on this release.
Picks: Drum's Safari

Track by Track Review

Surfin' And Swingin' dot
Jazz (Instrumental)

No amount of name recognition will change an average Big Band track is not a surf track. The absurd addition of studio fuzz guitar just mocks the thing. Some fuzz, ambiently captured drums, and horns... Big band goes to the beach, but doesn't get tan. If not for the fuzz, "Surfin' and Swingin'" would simply suck.

Baby Elephant Walk dot
Jazz (Instrumental)

This is an orchestra l arrangement of "Baby Elephant Walk" with dominant drums. Completely lacking in chemistry.

Night Train dot
Jazz (Instrumental)

With many superb versions of this venerable song, it's hard to imagine why anyone would do such a boring job with it.

Wildest Drums Yet
Jazz (Instrumental)

This drum solo is very repetitious. I noticed that I could drop the cursor anywhere during playback and not notice that I was in a different part of the song!

Bernie's Tune dotdot
Jazz (Instrumental)

"Bernie's Tune" is almost interesting. It's just too stiff.

Woodchopper's Ball dot
Jazz (Instrumental)

Woody Herman's standard is bouncy, but not inspired. The recording is sometimes fairly ambient.

One Mint Julep dot
Jazz (Instrumental)

A poor man's imitation of soul instro... lacking chemistry or much of anything to catch your interest.

Drum's Safari dotdotdot
Near Surf (Instrumental)

Moody bass and tremolo guitar with whammy and scary shimmer. "Drum's Safari" is easily the most interesting of all Les Brown Jr. recordings. Only cheesy jazz organ and an incredibly unimaginative drum solo detract from a near surf experience.

A Swingin' Safari
Jazz (Instrumental)

Even cheesier than the hit... dismissible and forgettable!

Drum City dot
Jazz (Instrumental)

"Drum City" is essentially a drum solo. While competent, it's a long way from interesting.

One O'Clock Jump dotdotdot
Jazz (Instrumental)

"One O'Clock Jump" is a moderately interesting jazz number. A tedious guitar solo, but some energy and occasionally cool piano.

The Loco-Motion dotdot
Jazz (Instrumental)

Tremolo guitar and cheesy organ approach the rock idiom, but leave energy and chemistry outside in the cold.