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The Brimstones - Spend Eternity With...dotdotdot
artworkA couple of tracks from earlier singles and comps are joined by new material. Sound varies from distant and musrky to intriguiging, with some in stereo and some mono. Non-instro tracks include several "station breaks" and a few el distorto frat rock vocals all about the Devil's party ethics.
Picks: Brimstone, Pitchfork, A Cemetery Mile, Satan's Crate, Surfin' Sinner, Go-Go Gomorrah, Mr. Moto, Strip For Satan, High Tide and Homicide, Squad Car, Hell Yeah!

Track by Track Review

Brimstone dotdot
Horror Surf (Instrumental)

Pumped up with screams and blood curdling murder, Brimstones is a splashy surf and frat organ bumper with busy drums and bass grumble. dark and horrorific.

Pitchfork dotdotdotdot
Devil Surf (Instrumental)

Ample spirit and carport attack. There's not what you'd call a melody, but the riff is inspired and nasty, and the guitar flies. Great grimy garage surf, with too much drums and not enough of the great reverbed guitar.

A Cemetery Mile dotdotdot
Horror R&B (Instrumental)

Spooky wind and rain... dungeonous organ... saucy R&B groove. On the one hand, "A Cemetery Mile" is a scary tale of dark nights where you don't belong, and on the other hand, it's just above a gimmick-based frat groover. It grows on you.

Satan's Crate dotdotdot
Spooky Surf (Instrumental)

Buried beneath the murky sound is a fuzz and organ space instro of heavy proportions. Evil and destabilizing, "Satan's Crate" thunders with a menacing groan.

Surfin' Sinner dotdotdot
Scary Surf (Instrumental)

The waves lap at the shores as distant guitars are heard playing the main riff from far away. The overall effect of the track is from a distance, yet it's commanding. Really good sax work, and an interesting concept.

Go-Go Gomorrah dotdotdot
Dark Surf (Instrumental)

Churchy spooky organ mumbles under a tuff sax number with spunk and a dark groove. Evil drips from every corner of this combo delight.

Mr. Moto dotdotdot
Dark Surf (Instrumental)

I can't say that I've heard "Mr. Moto" darkened like this. Sax and guitar duet with organ swirl and a most unique arrangement. Great stuff!

Strip For Satan dotdotdot
Dark Surf (Instrumental)

Sexy runway sax harkens back to Las Vegas in the fifties... derivative, yet vital and fun. Great sax work here!

High Tide and Homicide dotdotdot
Moody Surf (Instrumental)

This is a moody surf guitar track with with a dark melody and mono sound. Tuff sax, great drums and overall power in a mean distant murky format. The indistinct sound masks some of the power, yet the possibilities shine through. Lots of energy.

Squad Car dotdotdot
Trashy Surf (Instrumental)

Murky sound and trashy drums run against a squonky sax-reed siren. The faster they go, the trashier they get. Fingers flying on guitar. It's a mono recording with stereo reverb.

Hell Yeah! dotdotdot
Horror Surf (Instrumental)

From the dark corners of a basement comes a surf grumble that's tuff and bleak. Riff rockin', yet evil and commanding.