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The Brimstones - Satan's Cratedotdot
artworkThe Brimstones have a great website and a cool logo. They are very garage in their approach. The downside is the murky recording. the up side is potentially cool surf work below the murk. Includes the vocal "Cloven Hoofed Stomp."
Picks: Satan's Crate, San Onofre

Track by Track Review

Satan's Crate dotdotdot
Spooky Surf (Instrumental)

Buried beneath the murky sound is a fuzz and organ space instro of heavy proportions. Evil and destabilizing, "Satan's Crate" thunders with a menacing groan.

San Onofre dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"San Onofre" plays with a surf riff, a variation on the theme from the Munsters, and a middle eastern classic. Surf supported by organ. A better recording would really help.