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Brazil 2001 - Tropical Diseasedotdotdotdot
artworkIt's about time that Bernard Yin and his stalwarts issued another CD. There aren't a lot of instros, but Brazil 2001 are so cool that you hardly notice. The incredibly funny Banana is here for your fruity pleasure, plus the delightful "Hypnotized By The Sun. " Brazilliant!
Picks: Heavy Water, Spanish Eyes, Girl From Orange County, Hawaii Five-0, La Fin Du Monde, Hypnotized By The Sun (Instrumental Version)

Track by Track Review

Heavy Water dotdotdot
Salt Water Damaged (Instrumental)

This is a thick, super chunky, rhythmic trip through the mind of a South Seas virus. It's much more a rhythm thing than a song, with little melody and lots of textures and changes. It has the mark of the Brazil Nut upon it.

Spanish Eyes dotdotdotdotdot
Salt Water Damaged (Instrumental)

It seems that Bernard Yin and his compadres can do no wrong. Their skill at taking familiar melodies and recreating them in their own image is unsurpassed. This track has been an MOR standard for 40 years. It's been schmoozed to death by the cocktail and elevator crowd. Otherwise, it has languished unrecognized until Bernard Yin applied the yang filter, counter balancing the schmaltz with the psychodaze, or the yin and the yang. Never shall it be better reconceived. Well, there's none of that sappiness here. This is brilliant, fast, chunky, powerful, and intense. What they did for Penetration, they now do for Spanish Eyes. Huge playful wah-wah, major distortion, driving rhythms... what's a boy to do? A must for the psychedelic surf fancier.

Girl From Orange County dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This track has an almost Nelson Riddle TV theme quality about it, with a round ringing tone, and a melodic plink that requires a second listen. The song employs elements of lounge, of Henry Mancini - Pink Panther detective quaintness, and a flowing Girl From Ipanima mystique. Great track.

Hawaii Five-0 dotdotdotdot
Salt Water Damaged (Instrumental)

Again with the complete reconstitution of that which one would think has been all tapped out. Not so for the B-man. With the recent passing of Jack Lord (do you remember his pre-Hawaii Five-0 series where he played a rodeo rider named Stony Burke?), it seems all the more appropriate to bring new life to this hallowed TV theme. Big time action, pomp and tribal circumstance, and Jack Lord come together in this updated Venturization of the TV theme standard. Not as brilliant as their version of Penetration, but still a solid cover. The power is good, and the updated tones and effects are fitting, seeming almost like a natural evolution of the TV theme's intended direction, and less like a reconvening of the surf boards, coconuts, and tiki vendors - until the break is reached, at which point the intensity gives way to heightened power and edge, before slipping through several unruly changes and dramatic shifts in the paradigm of poi. The bass line from Sunshine Of Your Love in the last few bars is priceless.

La Fin Du Monde dotdotdotdot
Salt Water Damaged (Instrumental)

This is a long (13:24) flowing psychedelic brine shrimp of a song. It sports many fine effects, funky bass lines, edgy guitar tones, and a natural migration of the structure through the ins and outs of a mystical journey. This bears little surf in the classic sense, but it retains a certain glassy wall sensibility, a kind of brooding slow motion side slip that only fits an endless inside shot. Very pleasing number.

Hypnotized By The Sun (Instrumental Version) dotdotdot
Salt Water Damaged (Instrumental)

Slow body-to-body romancing thing, with gentle plucking, and smooth tones. It's much more a mood than a song, somewhat melodic and very fluid. The near Polynesian tonality is most appropriate, and the slither is justifiably slick. Quite a nice tune.