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The Bradipos IV - Beach Fooldotdotdot
artworkItaly's Bradipos IV would seem to be a high volume trash-n-thrash surf band. The music is mostly fast and raucous, often melodic, and high energy. This 5 song ep was recorded live in March, 1997 at "Crispi's House" in "Sloth-O-Phonic" sound, which means lo-fi.
Picks: Wray-Man, Mosquitos, Do-Da-Dee-Dee-Doo, Hyperpilocity, Chicken Dance

Track by Track Review

Wray-Man dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

As the title indicates, "Wray-Man" is a Link Wray styled instro, riff rockin' mondo rude, thick and raw, in the mold of "Branded" or maybe "Commanche."

Mosquitos dotdotdot
Insect Surf (Instrumental)

Flying insects flit about, bugging all who hear the high pitch noise. Wait, it's the guitar just making you think it's about to bite. Riff surf simulating the little blood suckers with a "Church Key" stop-start structure. Nifty.

Do-Da-Dee-Dee-Doo dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Do-Da-Dee-Dee-Doo" is a fast thrash-o-matic barnyard surf punk raver. Like a Torpedoes tune, it shreds at 90 MPH.

Hyperpilocity dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Chord thrash with some double picked lead lines, sometimes melodic, sometimes assaultive, and way groovy. It's the changes that make this work.

Chicken Dance dotdot
Thrash (Instrumental)

There's not a hint of the chicken pluckin' guitar pickin' predicted by the title. Oh no, this is a riffy number that uses the "Tequila" rhythm, thrash attack, and reverbed Marshall amp sound. Not melodic enough for my taste.