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The Boys Next Door - S/Tdotdot
artworkBeginning life as the Four Wheels, the Boys Next Door were formed around the Beach Boys' sound in the mid sixties midwest. They issued one instro, which is included here. Their squeaky clean preppy appearance and harmonies held the afloat for a number of years. They produced high caliber genuine California beach music in the landlocked Midwest. Excellent liner notes. The whole CD is in mono.
Picks: Ratchet

Track by Track Review

Ratchet dotdotdot
Surf Pop (Instrumental)

The Boys Next Door released this instro under the name the Four Wheels. It's fairly tame, but it has a charm created by the garage organ and dry guitar. The riff is almost churchy, and the breaks tempting. This is not the sort of instro I usually like, but I found "Ratchet" to be pretty darn magnetic. It's stuck between surf and garage pop.